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Sari Tracht grew up in Detroit and moved to Los Angeles in 2005, after getting her degree in film and video at Columbia College Chicago. She began her editing career working for Sam Raimi.  Tracht continued through the years assistant editing for companies such as E! Entertainment, G4, and the Style Network.  In 2008, she began working for “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” as one of the promo editors.  It was there that Sari really began to cultivate her comedic editing.  She worked on “Always Sunny” for three seasons.  


Through the years, Tracht has worked in reality television, documentary, commercials, trailers, promos, branded web content, web series and music videos. In 2012, Sari joined the team at Portal A Interactive, a web-based production company, as their lead editor. Portal A is responsible for some of the most viral videos on the internet today. YouTube is one of their biggest clients and Portal A produces and edits their annual YouTube in Rewind videos, which have accumulated over 300 million views.


Sari’s broad range of experience gives her tremendous insight into the ever-changing needs of production and post-production. She is a technically savvy editor with a creative point of view and has an incredible knack for sound design.  Her sense of humor and passion for storytelling gives her the ability to consistently create compelling content. Kai Hasson, founder of Portal A Interactive says, “She pushes the envelope.  As her boss, I love that trait about Sari.”


Sari has an exceptional work ethic and a unique and contagious sense of humor. She is the kind of person you want on your team: creative and willing to work with others to deliver the best results.